18 FEBRUARY 1888, Page 3

A memorial to the late Archbishop of Dublin, Dr. Trench,—

a beautiful poet, though hardly more than a minor poet, amongst his other distinctions,—has been set on foot by a very influential committee, of which a multitude of Bishops and Deans are members. It is to take the form of founding two Trench Scholarships in the Alexandra College for Women in Dublin, and if possible, of the endowment of a professorship in the same College. The late Archbishop was one of the earliest of the teachers in, we believe, the Queen's College for Women, when he was Dean of Westminster ; and after be went to Dublin, he was visitor of the Alexandra College, and gave two annual exhibitions to it out of his own means, which exhi- bitions these scholarships would replace. It would, we think, be an appropriate and fitting monument to Archbishop Trench to found these scholarships in his name. The Marylebone branch of the London and Westminster Bank (4 Stratford Place, Oxford Street) have consented to receive contributions to this fund.