18 FEBRUARY 1888, Page 3

The extreme Radicals and the Irish on Monday got up

a demonstration in London, in honour of the release of Mr. T. D. Sullivan and other Irish Members imprisoned for defying the law. They were met at the Euston Square Station by a great crowd, and accompanied them in procession to Hyde Park, where a meeting, estimated at from twenty-five to fifty thousand persons, part workmen, part hobbledehoys, and part the usual components of a rough London crowd, listened to the Members' thanks. In the evening there was a dinner at the Criterion, Mr. Schnadhorst, the official organiser of the Gladstonians, being present, and a few Radical and Irish Members. Professor Stuart, who has no sense of humour, protested against the " constructive criminality " of the Government in carrying out what he admitted to be law ; and Mr. T. D. Sullivan, who has, described himself and his fellow-suf- ferers as "criminals, in a Balfoarian sense." Ireland, he admitted, was being pacified, but it was by Mr. Gladstone, the " Plan of Campaign," and the National League,—which is like saying that Europe is being pacified by the Czar, the Russian intrigues in Bulgaria, and the great armies collected on the frontiers. Mr. T. P. O'Connor described the "beacon of land reform " as a " flaming torch " which would burn up feudalism ; but the speakers were evidently too full of thought to have anything of interest to say. The entire celebration passed off peaceably, but the police were in great and visible force.