18 FEBRUARY 1899, Page 25

Round the World on a Wheel. By John Foster Fraser.

(Methue n and Co. Gs.)—This is the story of a genuine globe-encircling ride. The author and his two companions did not cross the desert with a caravan of camels carrying their cycles. They had, of course, to take ship now and then. But from Antwerp to the head of the Persian Gulf; across India ; across China ; across Japan ; across North America ; these were stages of substantial length, and often of serious difficulty and danger. Mr. Fraser tells us that he and his friends actually traversed on their wheels more than nineteen thousand miles. Well, "Allah has made the English mad, the maddest of all mankind," but it is a madness that accomplishes what a quite irreproachable sanity fails to do. This is a very entertaining, and often a very exciting, book of travel.