18 FEBRUARY 1905, Page 1

T HE only war news worth recording this week is con-

tained in Friday's Times. It is from its Tokio corre- spondent, and recites an official telegram from the front showing that the Russian cavalry have attacked the Japanese and been driven back with loss. Further light is thrown on this action by a Reuter's telegram dated from the Russian headquarters, February 15th, which states that the Port Arthur siege guns have been mounted in the Japanese lines, and that the commanders on the Russian centre are confronted with a new situation. We are also told that "the general position of the Russian army seems to have been compli- cated and rendered more uncertain by the battle of Sandepu and the setting in of open weather, indicating an early spring." We confess that this has a somewhat ominous sound. The internal condition of Russia remains much the same. Poland is still in a condition of veiled rebellion, and the number of men on strike is daily augmented, though for the present at any rate the military resources of the Govern- ment are overwhelmingly strong.