18 FEBRUARY 1905, Page 16

Sin, — The following impromptu of Dean Mansel's may be new to

some of your readers. At a dreary "Hebdomadal" session at which he was present a discussion was in progress as to the propriety of exacting from aspirants to the degree of Doctor of Divinity some clearer proof than had hitherto been demanded of their actual fitness for the honour, and a proposal found favour that the claimant should be called upon to produce two original essays on some moot point in Divinity before admission to the degree. Manse' in a scrap of paper passed furtively to a fellow-sufferer summed up the debate succinctly as follows :— "The degree of D.D. we propose to convey

To an A.double-S for a double S.A."

—I am, Sir, &c., H. E. T.