18 FEBRUARY 1905, Page 16

TO TUN EDITOR OP THE "SPECTATOR:] Srn,—If Mr. Lionel Tollemache

will refer to a file of Punch of about ten years ago, he will find his story of the "working man and the hospital nurse" (Spectator. February 11th), and I think it was illustrated. The incident is clear in my mind because I used the story in trying to illustrate a point raised by a foreign savant (now in London I think) on a question of humour. One wonders if the "working man" of Mr. Tollema,che's story used the Punch story, innocently thinking it a suitable compliment. A similarly untoward speech came from a Scotch farmer who, along with his co-tenants, was being entertained by the laird and his wife. Referring to a certain person, he said "she was the ugliest lady be had ever seen"—" present company excepted," added the un- happy man, bowing to the hostess, who was a famous beauty. His after reflections ought to have been interesting.—I am, Sir, &c.,