18 FEBRUARY 1905, Page 2

In the House of Lords the Address was moved by

Lord Winchester and seconded by Lord Oranmore and Browne. The debate which followed was not remarkable for any special interest. Lord Spencer in a dignified and reasonable speech congratulated Lord Lansdowne on his foreign policy ; called attention to Macedonia and South Africa; complimented Sir Francis Youngbusband while assenting to the Government's action ; and finished with a brief summary of the main points on which the Liberal party differed from the Government, announcing that he would oppose any attempt to bring in a Redistribution Bill in the present Session. Lord Lansdowne in reply used words which leave very little hope of this most necessary measure being undertaken. He was under the impression that it was "physically impossible" to do so. Put shortly, this means that the Government intend to make all the political capital they can out of the Redistribution question, but do not intend to pass a measure doing away with present electoral anomalies.