18 FEBRUARY 1905, Page 24

NEW EDITIONS. — History of the Reformation in Germany. By Leopold von

Ranke. Translated by Sarah Austin. Edited by Robert A. Johnston, M.A. (Routledge and Sons. 52.)—Ranko's work has an established value, but, as the editor remarks, "what we may call the documentary age' was only just beginning" when it appeared. Wo have, therefore, sometimes to supplement from other sources the information which he gives. Accordingly he furnishes us with a bibliography of works on the subject which have appeared since Ranke's time. To these may be added Vol. III., recently published, of "The Cambridge Modern History : Wars of Religion."—Japanese Girls and Women. By Alice Mabel Bacon. (Gay and Bird. 5s. net.)—In "The Lamb Shakespeare for Young People" (A. Moring, 2s. 6d. net) The Tempest, "based on Charles Lamb."—In "Macmillan's Guides" (Macmillan and Co., 5s. net per vol.) Guide to Palestine and Syria and Guide to Egypt and the Sddan.—In the "Temple Auto- biographies," Edited by William Macdonald (J. M. Dent and Co., 3s. 6d.), The Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin. The editor gives a preface in which he explains how the autobiography was written, and the circumstances of its publication, while he adds an account of Franklin's later life.—In the "Temple Classics" (same publishers), The Guls Hornbooks and The Belman of London, by Thomas Dekker (Is. 6d. net).—In "Classic Novels" (Hutchinson and Co., is. 6d. net), Rumphry Clinker, by Tobias Stnollett.—The Organization of Agriculture. By Edwin A. Pratt. (John Murray. Is. net.)