18 FEBRUARY 1949, Page 20


SIR,-I must apologise for an unaccountable slip in my letter which you were kind enough to publish last week. The District Chief of Meraguz who was present at the assault upon the Secretary of the Liberal Party of the Serae was Azmatch Tesfai Baraki and not, as I erroneously wrote, Azmatch Teferi Baraki. I am the more sorry since Azmatch Teferi Woldenkiel, who replaced Azmatch Tesfai after the latter's dismissal, is a very good District Chief whom I respect. Though a pro-Ethiopian, he does not allow politics to interfere with his work and would, I know, never countenance any act of terrorism.—I am, Sir, with renewed apologies, yours truly, E. F. WISE. Hanford Cottage, Bland! ord, Dorset.