18 JANUARY 1873, Page 1

Half the French Deputies are, it is said, playing Abbe

Sieyes, and drawing up Constitutions. They have them printed as thin pamphlets, and give them to their friends, who aecept them with the kind of feeling with which workmen accept tracts. They do not like to say No, and they reflect that paper will twist into pipe-lights. One of these amateur Benthams is M. Langlois, who has really got an idea. He would form all the members of the Assembly rejected at the next election into a Second Chamber, the seats to be held for life, and to be filled as vacancies occur by co-optation. That would be the very beau ideal of a Conser- vative Chamber. If M. Langlois would Only add that the Second Chamber, like the Convocation of York till lately, should never sit, France would adopt his suggestion with enthusiasm, and he might be first Speaker.