18 JANUARY 1873, Page 1


THE body of the Ex-Emperor of the French lay in state at Camden House on Tuesday, and was visited by about 2,000 French and English mourners and some 30,000 sight-seers, who combined to make a very dangerous crush at two of the entrance gates. Several women were severely injured, one having both her arms wrenched from their sockets. The funeral took place on Wednesday, and was attended by all the Bonapartes except the Cardinal and Prince Pierre, by a large number of his highest followers, and by about 35,000 English specta-

tor& After the return of the procession an effort was made to salute the Prince Imperial as Napoleon IV., but he 41eclined the title, to which indeed, on the Napoleonic theory, he has no right until it has been conferred on him by plebiscite. No manifesto has yet been issued in his name, nor has there been any publication of Napoleon's will, a document of which there seems to be some fear in Paris.