18 JANUARY 1873, Page 2

Count Eulenburg and General Von Rom are both very anxious

to have it understood that the new Prussian Ministry does not differ from Prince Bismarck's in its anti-Romanist tenden- cies, though it now seems quite certain, both from what General Von Roon says and from what he omits to say, that while support- ing the Districts' Administration Bill, he was by no means disposed to support Prince Bismarck's proposal for a sweeping reform of the Herrenhaus, and that in this conservative mood of senti- ment he was sustained by his master. With regard to the Roman Church, however, the new Ministry appears nearly as trenchant as its predecessor, and though we have no accurate details of the new bills introduced,—the Civil Marriage Bill, as opposed by the Lutherans, is dropped for the present,—they would seem, from the accounts the. Berlin correspondents give us, to be at least as severe as was expected.