18 JANUARY 1873, Page 3

Mr. Otway addressed his constituents at Chatham on Thursday evening.

He declared that he had quitted the Foreign Office rather than be a party to the abolition of the neutrality of the Black Sea demanded by Russia in so insolent a manner, and hinted that Lord Granville would have stood by his own dignified language, but was overruled. We have now in conse- quence got before us a Central Asian question, upon which he would recommend Government to come to no understandin with Russia. If they enter Khiva, let us enter Khelat. If they advance beyond Skive, let us march to Khiva. Mr. Otway told his hearers that Prince Bismarck said the other day, "What is the good of England? Everybody knows she won't fight. No- body knows what is her opinion on any matter ; it is this one day, and that the next." So the Czar Nicholas also thought.