18 JANUARY 1873, Page 3

The Tories have got a splendid candidate for Wigtonshire, Mr.

Vans Agnew, who must, one would think, be looking for the succession to Mr. Disraeli. He is a staunch Tory, he tells the electors, and therefore he is for the abolition of hypothec, for the surrender of the ground-game to the farmers, and for a law securing unexhausted improvements to the occupier, just pre- cisely the things Scotch Tories are desirous to prevent. Indeed, he is for things much more advanced than these, for he says, "as -to changes, we must follow the wishes of the community. All power really rests with the masses, and ultimately their wishes must he carried into effect." In other words, Mr. Vans Agnew is ready to do whatever the masses bid him do, and to call their bidding the Tory creed. If that is Toryism, what is ultra. Radicalism ? We suppose it is hopelessness which makes Scotch Tories talk like this, but we doubt if it will recommend them to the farmers. They like meat, and they like bone; but hang gristle!