18 JANUARY 1879, Page 13



[To TEE EDITOR OF THE "SPECTITOR:1 SIR,—I am truly sorry to be obliged to obtrude myself again upon you in what may seem a personal matter, but I am sincerely anxious not to be misunderstood on questions of such grave im- portance, and what I have to say shall be compressed into the fewest possible words. You were perfectly right in understand- ing me to be stating and explaining—and of course " giving my own assent to "—the authoritative teaching of the Roman Catholic Church on the condition of infanta dying nnbaptised, in the passage you have quoted from pp. 19-20 ; nor did I venture to offer any comment on that portion of your review, though I might have much to say in reply to it, as I could not reasonably ask you to allow me to use your columns for criticising your criticisms on my book. But the case of adults dying unbaptised and ignorant of the Gospel is quite a distinct one, and is treated in a different part of my book, and of your review of it. And it was to a partial misapprehension of my meaning in what I had said on this latter point (pp. 49, 111), as to the " preaching of the Gospel in the next world to those who have never heard it in this," that the correction in my last week's letter referred.—I