18 JULY 1863, Page 1

It is almost certain that Great Britain is at this

moment at open war with Japan, the second term granted by the Chargé d'Affaires to the Government having expired on the 21st May. On Friday night Lord Carnarvon asked for the instructions issued by Her Majesty's Government, but they were refused. Earl Russell, however, stated that he had demanded that the criminals should be punished, and that an indemnity should be paid, and had besides sent orders to the Admiral to punish the Prince of Satsuma, the real author of the outrage on Mr. Richardson, by an attack on his Castle, which, fortunately for justice, is on the sea coast. The last order is a sensible one, as the Tycoon will probably view the punishment of the great noble without annoyance, and the lesson will remind the Daimios that, if they claim independent authority, they must submit to the responsibilities of the position.