18 JULY 1863, Page 2

The Roupell case, perhaps the most singular romance ever brought

out in a court of justice, was re-opened on Thursday,. some of the holders of the Essex property resisting its sur- render to the heir-at-law. It will be remembered that they hold under deeds signed by Mr. William Roupell, formerly member for Lambeth, which deeds he confesses he forged, as well as his father's will. He was sentenced last year, on his- own confession, to imprisonment for life, and the legitimate brother, as heir-at-law, reclaimed the estates. The claim in one instance was compromised, but the present defendants, believe that William Roupell perjured himself, that the deeds were genuine, and that he submitted to his terrible sentence from some motive other than a desire to make restitution. Be will be savagely cross-examined, and also the attorney who drew the deeds, if the plaintiffs can only be coerced into. putting the latter into the box. The discovery, if there is to be one, will probably turn on the most minute investigation of dates, signatures, and small incidental facts, and the trial is expected to last over all next week.