18 JULY 1863, Page 24

Portraits of Men of Eminence in Literature, Science, and Art.

Parts. I. and II. (Lovell Reeve, and Co.).—The title of this work is a sufficient indication of the nature of its contents. It is a monthly

publication, each part of which contains three portraits, accompanied: by brief biographical memoirs. The eminent men comprised in the two numbers now before us are Lord Stanhope, Sir Cl.

Lyell, J. H. Foley, R.A., W. M. Thackeray, Sir R. Murchison, and David Roberts, R.A. The portraits are actual photographs, of the carte de visite size, taken from life by Mr. Ernest Edwards, and, as they give' the whole figure, are far more successful as characteristic likenesses than, in the majority of cases, half-length pictures can possibly be. Mr.. Edwards poses his sitters naturally and effectively, and his photographs are, barring a slight indistinctness about the eyes, highly creditable to his skill. The memoirs are put together with judgment, and, without being prolix or troublesome, tell us just what we want to know about the subject of each picture. The goodness of its execution, coupled with the moderation of its price—each number being only half-a-crown— ought to secure for this work a considerable share of public patronage..