18 JULY 1874, Page 15


[TO TRH EDITOR OF THE " spy:rums:1

,Sin,—Though having no pretensions to be a Hebrew scholar, I know that the preposition used in the Ninth Commandment has a great variety of meanings, according to the context.

Seated with a Syrian Jew, and conversing with him, I was distinctly told by him that I was speaking " bariacka,"—certainly therefore not "against." In the LXX., zee= undoubtedly governs .a case which gives it the sense of "against ;" and to this we probably owe the terms used in modern versions. They prove nothing against my point. " Contra " is used in the Vulgate, but " contra " has also the sense of "vis-à-vis."

,Let Mr. Mayhew refer to some account of the Noachite laws, and he may find, on better authority than mine, that in the review referred to "injustice "was improperly substituted for" untruth." --I am, Sir, Ste.,