18 JULY 1874, Page 25

Antique Point and Iloniton Lace. By Mrs. Treadwin. (Ward, Lock,

and Tyler.)—The best way in which we can convey to our readers a notion of what they will find in this book is by copying for their lbenefit the statement made on the title-page, to the effect that it contains "plain and explicit instructions for making, trans- derring, and cleaning laces of every description. With about

one hundred illustrations, outlines, and prickiugs of the principal Antique-Point stitches and Honiton sprigs." We object to " about,"— the author ought to know exactly how many illustrations there are in her book ; and we object to the type in which the book is printed. It is an ugly, affected type, with the letter s put in like an italic, and it is badly set throughout. But the book is plainly written; we really do believe that women could learn from it how to make Honitou lace, because the rules are perfectly intelligible to our perception, pardonably dull on points of the kind; and it will be of value to all the fortunate possessors of lace, because it will teach them simple and effectual methods of preserving and repairing it.