18 JULY 1931, Page 17


Sm,—May I suggest a means of lifting the ban on the rifle deviated in Major Darling's letter of May 16th, 1931, to facilitate the thinning of the herd, which is indispensable?

Presumably his objection is that the modern long range rifle is too dangerous over a wide area on account of spent bullets. I would call to memory a game gun called the " Colonist's gun " in use years ago, of which one barrel was rifled. This barrel carried a heavy bullet With a hollow front. It threw true for one hundred yards making a loud scream (the bullet) and an immense fatal wonnd and dropped but little beyond. A rifle might well be made to carry such a bullet with great killing power and short radius of action, and which would make a sure kill or a clean miss.

The main danger from a rifle used in cover is that of mis- taking one's hunting partner for a buck, as is common in the U.S.A. Game-wardens here require hunters to wear white clothing to prevent such accidents. Probably green clothing would do as well and there is no need for a game keeper to have a hunting mate on such a quest.—I am, Sir, &c.,