18 JULY 1931, Page 18


A new history of The Royal Dragoons is being written

by Mr. C. T. Atkinson, and I would crave the medium of the Spectator to ask those who may have diaries, documents; family papers, pictures, or prints of the regiment, or of former officers, to communicate with me. I need hardly say that

anything lent for this purpose will be handled with the greatest care. There is a manuscript journal that it is important to find—namely, one kept by General James Johnston of the campaign in 1760 when in command of The Royals. General Johnston became Governor of Quebec, married a daughter of the first Earl De La Warr, and was buried in Westminster Abbey. This journal was in the hands of General de Ainslie when he wrote a history of the regiment in 1887, but since then all trace of it has been lost. If there is any member of the family who can tell me where it is now I should be Very grateful.—zErafEar MAKINS, Hrigadier-General, Colonel

of The Royal Dragbons, 180, Queen's Gate, S.W. 7, "