18 JULY 1931, Page 3

Charing Cross Bridge The muddle over Charing Cross Bridge continues.

Scheme No. 4 has been referred back to the Committee for further discussion, and in the meantime protests have been received from many local authorities against the proposal to move Charing Cross station to the South bank. We are far from supporting those bodies which for selfish reasons would hold up a vital piece of planning, but at the same time we cannot avoid the conclusion that many important questions have been left out of consideration or excluded by the Committee's terms of reference. The alteration of a vitally important traffic centre has been taken in isolation from any plans for alteration in other parts of the system, and a scheme has been put forward just in time to compromise in advance any constructive work which may be done by the Traffic authority to be set up by the new Bill. It would be regrettable to delay work on the scheme any further, but more haste now may mean less speed in the whole of London to-morrow.

* * *