18 JULY 1931, Page 3

The Archbishop of Upsala We record with sincere regret the

sudden death on Sunday of Dr. Nathan Soderblom, Archbishop of Upsala and Primate of Sweden. He was born in 1866, and was minister of the Swedish church in Paris and professor at Leipzig before he was raised to the episcopate, in 1914. He had won the respect of all Christian people since the War by his earnest efforts to bring about a reconciliation between the nations. The Nobel Peace Prize was awarded to him in 1980. The Archbishop had specially endeared himself to English Churchnien by his endeavour to promote closer relations between the English and Swedish Churches—an effort of which the Lambeth Conference of 1920 gladly approved. In the still larger task of promoting Christian unity he organized the " Universal Christian Conference on Life and Work " at Stockholm in 1925, which none who attended will ever forget. Only last week the Archbishop had taken part in a smaller gathering of theologians representing the Anglican Communion and the Scandi- navian Churches. The good work that he did will assuredly live after him. * * * *