18 JUNE 1927, Page 2

* * * * Sarwat Pasha must be heartily congratulated

on the skill with which he has performed a risky but necessary manoeuvre. When Adly Pasha was Prime Minister the Minister for War made many political appointments to the Egyptian Army, and it was undoubtedly a very difficult thing for Sarwat Pasha to reverse the policy. In the later stage of the discussions Zaghlul Pasha came down on the side of moderation. But for this helpful influence the settlement might after all have been impossible. Lord Lloyd has played his part with a judg- ment and a patience which are particularly to be applauded in one who is capable, on occasion, of being combative. The end of the crisis is, we hope, only the beginning of a much larger settlement. The four points which were left over by the Declaration of 1922 are still in the air. It is essential that these should be regularized by Treaty. After a great deal of unjustifiable delay we ought to come at last to the methods which Lord Milner recommended.