18 JUNE 1927, Page 2

It is reported from China that Feng Yu-hsiang, the Christian

General, whose allegiance has long been uncer- tain, has declared in favour of the moderate Nationalists. In other words, if the report is true, he will join forces with Chiang Kai-shek, the head of the Nanking Govern- ment, and help him to try to overwhelm the Hankow Communists. Hankow, however, clings desperately to the belief that Feng is a Communist and trustfully sends him money for propaganda. The United States Govern- ment have decided to send more marines to China. The total strength of the force will be brought up to 6,000. The fact is that Washington has come to the conclusion that the American detachments were not strong enough to protect all the Americans in China.

* *