18 JUNE 1927, Page 2

On Wednesday the complete returns of the Free State General

Election had been received. The state of the parties is :- Government ..

46 Fianna Fail . . 44 Sinn Fein .. 6 Labour 22 Independents • • 15 Farmers .. 11 National League .. .. 8

The Government Party has failed to get a Parliamentary majority. It is now a minority as against all the other constitutional groups in combination. Clearly, there- fore, if Mr. Cosgrave decides to take office he will have to rely upon the help of some other party or parties. Whether he will do this by means of a formal coalition or not has not yet been settled. He might, of course, be satisfied with an informal promise of general support in regard to the Treaty and the Constitution. Roughly it may be said that two-thirds of the new members are for the Treaty and one-third (Consisting of Mr. De Valera forty-four and Miss MacSwiney's six followers) against the Treaty. If Mr. De Valera- continues his former policy the Republicans will not take their seats, but there are some signs of wavering.

* * *