18 JUNE 1927, Page 46


After being comparatively stationary- fOr two years, the Profits of the " Shell " Transport and Trading Company for 1926 show a jump from £4,818,000 to £5,404,000. Accordingly, the directors are able to pay a final dividend of 3s., making 25 per cent. for the year, against 221 per cent., and the dividend is, of course, really a great deal more inasmuch as it is paid free of tax. The balance-sheet shows some changes in the position, the holdings in sundry cbmpanies, at cost standing at 126,900,000, or about £3,000,000 more than last year, while the investments in British Funds and other stocks have

declined from £7,452,000 to £5,183,000. * * * *