18 MARCH 1843, Page 11

The other theatres have been more than usually musical during

the week. Not to mention the somewhat coarse exhibition of La Sonnambula after Virginius, at Drury Lane on Monday, Oberon was performed at Covent Garden on the same night for Mr. BUNN'S benefit. It was got up with considerable care and splendour ; and the music, on the whole, was well executed. Miss Rantroarrt, however, though not deficient in other qualities, wanted physical power for the part of Reira ; a part which during the short run the piece had when first produced, completely wore out Miss PATON'S strength, when she was in the full vigour of her faculties. HARRISON had neither the strength, energy, nor passion requisite for the part of Sir Hume. But Miss Poi= was a capital Fatima.

An English version of the Puritani was brought out on Thursday, at the Princess's Theatre in Oxford Street. It was exceedingly well got up, respectably performed, and received by a full house with great ap- plause. Madame GARCIA sang brilliantly ; but she belongs more to the French than the Italian school, and lacks the Italian flow and sweetness. The choruses were well given ; and rendered effective by the singers being picturesquely grouped and thrown into dramatic movement.