18 MARCH 1843, Page 2

Further news from the West Indies tells us that, after

all, the blow fell gently on the British Colonies compared with that inflicted on the French island of Guadeloupe: the earthquake cast widespread loss upon Antigua, but Guadeloupe it has visited with the worst horrors of such a convulsion : wholesale overturn of men's habitations, such destruction of life and limb as to amount to carnage, fires bursting out in the ruins and making .1t shocking 'funeral pyre for those who survived underneath, the outrages of reckless vice, pestilence from the multitude of dead—every horror but despair, for the courage of the sufferers appears to have been wonderful. Their fellow colonists of Martinique sent them instant succour: France is sending more ; and it is to be wished that, although Antigua may claim the larger share in the regard of England, a portion of help may be sent hence to attest our sym- pathy with the more terribly afflicted people of Guadeloupe.