18 MARCH 1843, Page 20


2.1 Regt. Life Guards-The, Hon. J. II. D. Astley lobe Cornet and Sub-Lieut. by purchase. vice W. II. Helmes, who retires. 3d Regt. Drag. Ganida - Lieut. E. Dyson lobe Capt. liy purchase, sire Horton, elle retires; Cornet 1'. Brongliton to be Lieut. by purchase, vice Dyon; Ensign G. C. FitzGerald, from the 7401 Foot, to be Cornet; by purchase. vice Bronghtou. 7th Regt. Drag. Guards-P. Banbury, Gent. to be Cornet, by purchase. 'lice Robertson, presumed; D. Robertson. Gent, lobe Cornet, be purchase, vice Mullen, appointed to the 4th Drag. Guards; Staff Surg. of the Sensed Class S. S. Graves to be Sure. vice Si. Cathcart, who retires upon bail-pay. 28th Regt. of Foot-Capt. J. P. Mayers, from the 58th Foot, lobe Capt. vice Smart, appointed to the 76111 Foot. 55th Foit-Lient. T. Be Havilland to be Capt. by pur- chase, vice Horner, who retires ; Ensign J. Lloyd to be Lieut. by purchase, vice Be Havilland; G. Magill. Gent, to be Ensign, by purchase, vice Lloyd. 58th Foot- Capt. W. W. J. Cockcroft. from the 76th Foot. to be Capt. vice Mayers, appointed to the 2811, Foot. 611 Foot-M..1. Giegorson, Gent. to be Ensign. without, purchase. vice Batt, appointed to the 98th Foot. 74th Foot-W, Bruce, Gent, lobe Eusign, by purchase, vice FitzGerald, appointed to the 3d Drag. Guards. 76th Font-Capt. Ft, D. Smart, from the 28111 Foot, to be Capt. vice Cockcroft, appointed to the 5801 Foot. 924 Foot -Eusign C. Gordon to be Lieut. by. purchase, vice moor, who retires; W. .1E. Moncreiffe, Gent. to be Ensign, by purchase, vice C. Gordon. 98th Foot-Major H. Eyre to be Lieut Col. without purchase; Brevet Lieut.-Col. P Tripp lobe Major, vice Eyre; Lieut. T. C. Ormsby to he Capt. vice Tripp. To be Lieutenants, without purchase-Ensign H. Dallas; Ensign L. Shadwell ; Ensign II. J. V. Suirdale; Ensign 0. J. C. Bridgman; Ensign E. Grautham ; Ensign A. F. Steele.

To he Ensign, without purchase-Ensign M. Butt, from the 623 Foot, vice Bridge. man; M. Dillon. Gent vice Grantham; H. W. Stroud. Gent. vice Steele.