18 MARCH 1843, Page 7

Inc Agrobinces.

Cambridge is excited with all the turmoil of a contested election, for a Member in the room of Sir Alexander Cray Grant. The new can- didates are, Mr. Fitzroy Kelly, on the Conservative, and Mr. Richard Foster, of Brooklands, on the Liberal side. The nomination is fixed for this day, the polling for Monday. Both candidates have addressed meetings of the electors. On Tues- day, Mr. Fitzroy Kelly was proposed at a meeting of Conservatives, and made a statement of his sentiments. The prominent subjects upon which he touched were—the Poor-law, which he supported, though he objected to the excessive power of the Commissioners; the Corn-law, which he cordially supported ; and the Income-tax, the only point in the policy of Government which he found a difficulty in defending ; but still he justified that tax, grievous and inquisitorial as it is, on the ground of extreme and urgent public necessity. Mr. Foster met a number of electors on Wednesday. There was a large attendance of the opposite party, many of whom carried bludgeons ; and before business could proceed, it was necessary to eject them from the room, they were so riotous. Others who voted with the majority at the last election remained, and declared that they were converts.

The nomination of candidates for the seat for Tavistock, vacated by Mr. John Rundle the banker, who retires, took place on Wednesday. Mr. John Salisbury Trelawney was proposed, as one of a Whig family, of high character, and resident in the neighbourhood. Mr. Henry Vincent, the Complete-suffragist, was also proposed. In his address Mr. Trelawney stated, that, though young, politics had been his study for ten years ; and he boldly vindicated the Poor-law, and also the Income- tax as jest in its character. Mr. Vincent put forth the sentiments of his party, coupled with a declaration against all restriction on trade. The show of hands. was in favour of Mr. Vincent, and a poll was demanded for Mr. Trelawney.

A slight shock of earthquake was felt in Lancashire at eight o'clock last Friday morning.