18 MARCH 1843, Page 7


Great preparations are making in Scotland for the new secession of Nonintrusionists from the Established Church. Members of the body are perambulating the country, giving lectures and canvassing for sup- port for the " Free Presbyterian Church." The project, in which Dr. Chalmers takes the lead and an active part, is to create a general fund by subscriptions, which is to be distributed in allowances for the sup- port of the several churches and their ministers; an arrangement in- tended to protect the poorer congregations from the hostility of the upper classes. Dr. Chalmers announced at a lecture in Glasgow, on, Friday last week, that in his capacity of Convener of the Financial Committee, he should, at the first General Assembly, support an equal distribution of the funds. He mentioned sacrifices which people have already made— The minister of the High Church in Edinburgh, occupying at present house of 75/. per annum, forsakes it and goes to one of 351. per annum ; sad. while the minister makes this descent, the congregation are endeavouring to raise a sum sufficient to support ten country congregations at 2001. per annum each. A. lady who has an annuity of 2001. a-year intends to give up house and board with one of the ejected ministers, in order that he may derive the benefit of her income. Two ladies of noble family also intend to give up their mansions and to board in Edinburgh, in order that they may have the more means to support the Free Presbyterian Church.

Dr. Chalmers had said elsewhere that Dr. Cunningham had moved into an "attic." A correspondent of the Scotsman explains, that the "attic" is a capital house consisting of two floors, in York Place, whose last occupant kept his carriage and left a fortune of 80,0001.