18 MARCH 1843, Page 9

The Chronicle publishes this morning a correspondence between Lord Brougham

and Mr. John Bright, beginning on the 15th of February, and ending on the 24th. Lord Brougham sets out by seeking Mr. Bright's disclaimer of the "atrocious falsehood" in the Anti-Bread-Tax Circular, that he bad importuned an Anti-Corn-law deputation to intrust him with a motion in the House of Lords ; and ends angrily, remarking that Mr. Bright has not disclaimed the very authorship of the paper, by declining all further communication. Mr. Bright, in some- what warm Quaker-phrase, begins by extenuating the inaccuracy of the Circular, and complaining that Lord Brougham's censure of particular parties is couched in general terms, applicable to the whole League ; and he finishes by pointedly persisting in the refusal to deny the author- ship, with rather a theatrical assurance, that, forgetting the present in the past, he is still "very truly, thy friend."