18 MARCH 1865, Page 1

Lord Amberley appeared again in the Leeds Music Hall on

Wednesday to meet the electors, and explained away all his former professions in a speech which may be summed up in the single sentence, "I am very young." He not only whittled away his universal-suffrage speech, but doubted whether he could vote for a 6/. franchise. His address is analyzed elsewhere, and annoyed his supporters to such a degree that they refused to propose the pre- viously-prepared resolutions declaring him a fit and worthy can- didate. Next day, however, he again altered his mind, and stated that he would support a Bill for a 6/. franchise. He was accordingly requested to allow himself to be put in nomination, and replied that "if he found it consistent with his duty, and he was sure two Liberal members would be returned," he would stand. That last touch is perfect. The Viscount obviously thinks that if he stands he may endanger Mr. Babies!