18 MARCH 1865, Page 19


Practical Observations on the Hygiene of the Army in India. With a chapter on prison management. By Stewart Clark Inspector-General

.of Prisons, North-West Provinces. (Smith, Elder, and Co.) How People May Live and not Die in India. By Florence Nightingale. (Long- man and Co.)—Miss Nightingale's pamphlet is a reprint of a paper read at the meeting of the Social Science Association in 1863, which contained an abstract of the leading principles insisted on by the Royal Commission en the Sanitary Condition of the Indian Army. It is admirably adapted- for circulation among soldiers and others who need to have theirattention called to the subject. The same principles are advocated by Dr. Clark from a scientific point of view, but he thinks impure water to be much less frequently a cause of disease than is generalLy supposed. Ventilation, cleanliness, and drainage are his three great specifics for preventing epidemic disease, and he speaks strongly against over-crowding in tents or barracks. He treats the subject very tersely, yet clearly and thoroughly, giving plans for ventilation, and even for construction, which are made clear by numerous wood-cuts.