18 MARCH 1865, Page 20


E. Maxon and Co.-A. Dream of Idle- ness, by W. C. Moukhouse ; Atalanta in Calydon, by A. C. Swinburne. Longman and Co.-Polyahronicon Ranulphi Higdent ; Heat Considered as a Mode of Motion, by John Tyndall. W. FL Allen and Co.-Lectures on the Greek Poets, Philosophy, Theogony, Mythology, by B. C. Jones.

J. Maxwell and Co.-Graee Clifford, by U. B Pigott, 3 vols. Bell and Daldy.-Strickland'e Lives of the Queens of England, Vol. V.

Tinsley Brothena--Murmurings, by Edmund Palomar. Simpkin and Marshall.-Poems, by W. J.. Linton, J. H. and J. Parker-Court of Final Appeal, by M. J. Fuller. Bernard Quaritch.-Life of the Marquis of Worcester, by Henry Dircks.

Chapman and Hall.-Scenes of Wonder in California, by J. H. Hutchings; Lessons on Hunting and Sporting, by "Scrutator Crumbs from a Sportsman's Table, by Charles Clarke, 2 vols.

Whitfield, Green, aid Son.-Stray Leaves from the Diary of an Indian Officer.