18 MARCH 1865, Page 3

. The Duke de Moray was buried in state on

Monday, and M. Rouher uttered his funeral oration, declaring that the Duke had

1114,` asked the Archbishop of Paris to crown his life by a Christian's death," and praised him for doing the work of the coup d'itat with "a sort of gaiety and courageous eagerness." He asserted that he "was the inspirer, the soul, the honour of the Assembly," —he "preferred stopping a mistake by a kind word or gentleirony." Considering that M. de Morny was all his life gambler, mug, and despot, that he ruled the Assembly with a rod which, if wreathed in flowers, was of iron, and that he leaves a vast fortune obtained through hi official knowledge of the near future, M. Rouher's oration is entitled to the praise at all events of invention. Czesar

paid the debts of Clodius, but did not send the Senate to weep above his grave.