18 MARCH 1899, Page 14



SIR,—An appeal is in circulation, under the auspices of the West India Committee, and signed by the Archbishop of Canterbury and other leading men, lay as well as clerical, with a view to prevent the threatened closing of Codrington College, Barbadoes. This College goes back as far as the year 1710, when it was established by General Codrington for the purpose of training for the ministry such West Indian youths as desired to enter Holy Orders, and for medical missionaries ; that, in the words of the original charter, "they should have the better opportunity of doing good to men's souls while taking care of their bodies." He was another of our farseeing military heroes, providing for its maintenance by two estates, which are now for a time suffering from the present trade depression. The College is affiliated to Durham, and papers are sent there for examina- tion. Cheques payable to Messrs. Drummond's Bank, 49 Charing Cross, S.W., before May 1st, when the matter must