18 MAY 1867, Page 20

Breathings of the Better Life. Edited by Lucy Larcom. (Boston,

Ticknor and Fields ; London, Trubner.)—A book of devotional selec- tions on the plan of connecting a text of Scripture with some passage of sacred poetry, and some meditation in prose with which it harmonizes- This plan has been carried out carefully and reverently.

the right path to ensure poetical success. His canons of criticism do not seem to us sound, and his poetical practice does not reconcile us to the erroneous theory from which he starts. It may be true that. Shakespeare is overrated at the present day, as there is scarcely ever a medium between neglect and overpraise. But with what face can Mr. Waddie argue that Marston, Green, Webster, Ben Jenson, Beaumont and Fletcher, Ford, Messinger, Dryden and Otway have written works equal to all but one or two of the best of Shakespeare's ?