18 MAY 1867, Page 20

The Church: its Origin, its History, its Present Position. By

Drs. Luthardt, Kahnis, and Briickner, Professors of Theology, Leipsic.

Translated by Sophia Taylor. (Edinburgh : T. and T. Clark.)—With the exception of some stiffness, and many phrases which betray their German origin, this translation is fairly done. "The spirit of renova- tion seized upon mankind, and found organs of unusual intellectual stature ;" "a spirit was energizing ;" "an internalized theology," are expressions which need retranslating. The work itself consists of lectures by three Leipsic professors, who are for the most part moderate, but rather vague, and who are apt to generalize when they might be expected to commit themselves to something definite. Professor Luthardt delivers three lectures on " The Old Testament," "The History of Our Lord," and " The Work of the Apostles ;" Professor Kahnis three on " The Ancient, Mediaeval, and Modern Church ;" and Professor Bruckner three, on "The Church's Present Prospects, Tasks, and Con- dition." If we are to choose between the three professors, we should be inclined to give the palm to the second.