18 MAY 1867, Page 21

Hymns and Lyrics for the Seasons and Saints' Days of

the Church. By the Rev. Gerard Moultrie, M.A. (Masters.)—Two or three of the

poems in this volume deserve a favourable mention, but the majority can hardly detain us. Mr. Moultrie will do well to compare his version

of the "Rhythm " of Bernard of Modals with that of Dr. Neale, and his

picture of Balsam with that in the Christian Year. The first compari- son will show him the difference between a literal translation and a living reproduction, as the second will show him the difference between poetry and rhyme. It is a pity, too, that he should have spoilt one of his better poems by such lines as-

" Where beneath the Table Mountain the great Bishop gives the word To the hosts who muster fiercely for the battle of the Lord, And in loud and loader uproar those far sounds of conflict swell, As our vanguard comes to action with the regiments of Hell."