18 MAY 1867, Page 3

Mr. Tomline, Member for Shrewsbury, has written a clever letter

to a gentleman in Suffolk, a county where Mr. Tomline is perhaps the most conspicuous accumulator of land. He thinks Mr. Disraeli's measure equivalent to simple household suffrage. " All the long 'debates about the compound householder are not worth their weight in wind. He, whenever he pleases, can make us all do his bid- ding." We have been dinning that fact into our readers' ears for the last month to no purpose whatever. The Tories will not resist and the Radicals cannot, and by February, 1869, we shall have a House of Commons elected by a suffrage wider than the ' incendiary " member for Birmingham has ever hoped to-attain. And all the Tories but six will have voted for it.