18 MAY 1867, Page 3

There was a row in the House on Thursday night

of the worst American kind. Mr. Layard complained that Mr. Lewis, Member for Marylebone, had called him something or other not specified, and Mr. Lewis retorted that Mr. Layard had taunted him in the lobby of the House with a discreditable disease. He had also -called him " traitor " on the hustings. Mr. Layard explained and apologized for the latter epithet, and utterly denied the other -expression ;.but Mr. Lewis, accepting the apology for the hustings' -speech, reiterated his statement as to the scene in the lobby. Mr. Disraeli, in a comic speech, complimented the disputants on their " mutual respect," and supposed Mr. Lewis had been dreaming ; the Speaker added a few words of grave rebuke, and the episode ,ended; but the whole scene was worthy of a suburban pothouse, and should be carefully pondered by the electors of Marylebone -and Southwark at the next election. Decency of speech will be a =useful addition to the regular " pledges."