18 MAY 1878, Page 2

Some of the English Members are doing their best to

rival Mr. Parnell, and Mr. Biggar, and Mr. O'Donnell, in the violence and impropriety of their language in debate. On Thursday night Mr. T. Cave, the Member for Barnstaple, spoke of Mr. Parnell's presence in the House of Commons as "a curse to this kingdom,"—and of course the apple of discord was soon flying about in all directions. The subject of debate was only some item of stationery expenditure, which in- cluded the cost of the stationery supplied to the Queen's University in Ireland, and this the little knot of Home-rulers wanted to strike off. But no sooner had Mr. Cave spoken of Mr. Parnell as "a curse to this kingdom," than a general dis- cussion arose as to his right to pass judgment in this way on a Member whom millions of Irishmen appreciate so highly as they appreciate Mr. Parnell, and all reasonable discussion of details was, of course, at an end. Whether it be the bad example of the J,nsh Hoe-riders or not which is leavening the House of Commons, we do not know, but assuredly the English Members are not far behind their Irish brethren. When Barnstaple curses, we cannot be very indignant to find that Dungarvan, or Meath, or- Cavan swears pretty roundly, in reply.