18 MAY 1878, Page 2

Viscount Sandon has been taken into the Cabinet, where he

raises the number of Cabinet Ministers to thirteen. There is no reason to think that he will add much to the strength of the Government, or that he will add much to its weakness. He is an amiable and sensible man, who will make no great stir in the world, even as a Cabinet Minister. At one time, indeed, he con- trived to give almost more offence to the Dissenters than even his predecessor in the Education Department had ever given, by pro- claiming loudly a sort of crusade against them,—it was in relation to the Endowed Schools measure,—but the crusade turned out to be rather a feeble crusade after all, a crusade which collapsed. As a Cabinet Minister, he will count, we suspect, chiefly as a new pawn for Lord Beaconsfield to play.