18 MAY 1878, Page 3

The Mr. Cooper recently murdered at Bhamo was not, as

we suggested last week, the civilian who slew so many mutineers, but Mr. T. 1'. Cooper, the traveller in Western China, Tibet, and Assam, a man of rare energy and resource, who had acquired in a singular degree the confidence of the Chinese. He is a great loss, both to his friends and to science. No account suggesting the motives of his murder has yet reached home, but from the composition of his guard, which consisted, like the expedition just despatched to Malta, of Sikhs, Ghoorkas, and Madrassees, it is suspected that he inadvertently or unconsciously issued some order which the Madrassees, as casteless men, thought reason- able, but to which Sikhs or Ghoorkas objected, as contrary to their creed. It would be nearly impossible for a traveller 80 circumstanced, and unaware of the radical differences among his men, to understand whether the opposition was reasonable, or dictated by a spirit of perversity.