18 MAY 1878, Page 3

The news of the week from the Cape is not

exactly alarming, but it shows that all the native tribes are stirring, and that the British force in the Colonies is inadequate to the work. The tribes between Cape Colony and Natal are not subdued, or likely to be, but perpetually force on little engagements, in each of which we lose a few soldiers, wounded, whom we cannot spare, and they lose a good many braves, killed, whom they do not miss. We seem to want there a body of soldiers trained to fight on foot, but to march on horseback, as the settlers do. Beyond Natal, again, Cetewayo, though he has not declared himself, is gathering in his followers; while the Boers of the Transvaal-4,000 strong— have been threatening to disobey all orders. They have, however, after a grand meeting, agreed to send another mission to Europe, but they are in a temper in which an accident may induce them to revolt. Nevertheless, as we may be intending to set up Turkey again, no troops can be spared, whether from India or England, for South Africa.