18 MAY 1878, Page 3

The rumours that the Fenians in America intend to take

advantage of the excitement in Europe to attack Canada obtained some consistency on Friday. A telegram was then received from New York, dated the same day, stating that a body of Irishmen, apparently most respectable, were encamped in a forest in Northern Vermont, and were receiving accessions hourly. As it is known that considerable agitation prevails among the Irish, it is assumed that these men are Fenians, and the Canadian Militia in the nearest district have been called out. The Canadian Government is quite ready to meet such an invasion, and the Governments both of the United States and of the State of Vermont may be trusted to do their duty. Neither have the least sympathy with Fenians, or with attempts to annoy England by killing and plundering peaceable Canadians, and interrupting business along the border. The movement cannot complicate relations between the Union and the Dominion, and that is the only possibility which gives it political importance.