18 MAY 1912, Page 1

The Daily Mail of Monday published a telegram from Mr.

Roosevelt in which was explained his attitude towards Mr. Tuft's belief that Reciprocity would have made Canada "an adjunct of the United States." Mr. Roosevelt, it will be remembered, in answering the letter in which Mr. Taft expressed that belief, said that he, too, supported Reciprocity "for both economic and political reasons." He now explains that in these words he did not dream of suggesting the annexation of Canada or her subordination in any way to the United States. He quotes from his speeches to prove that this is so. We have no doubt of the truthfulness of Mr. Roosevelt's explanation. It is absurd to let the fact that his words to Mr. Taft might he applied in a different sense override the whole tenor of his well-known sentiments

towards Canada. Mr. Roosevelt, whatever else his faults, is not a sly man. With him the worship of "the square deal" is in no sense lip-service.